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Check out the official teaser of SAMVID 2K17!!!

Welcome to

the fifth edition of SAMVID

We are back with yet another season of SAMVID — the techno-cultural college fest of Shri Shankaracharya Technical Campus, Bhilai. A nationwide fest which is recognized as one of the most magnificent events ever happened in Chhattisgarh State, assimilating many technical, cultural and management events into one holistic event, attracting a mass of nearly 25,000 students from all major colleges of Chhattisgarh and other states in vicinity. Empowering latent talents and putting one’s caliber at test on a national platform, it encompasses the wide and diverse spectra of events which will aid the nourishment of one’s forte. We cordially invite you to celebrate this festival of knowledge, joy and progress with us.

SAMVID pertains to the divine consciousness. It holds true to its name & focuses on awakening our dormant consciousness of talents.

mark the dates on calendar

1st March to
3rd March

Technical Event

The battle of brains. May the best nerd win.

Robo Race

Race your bots.“Accelerate”.


Make a fish out of your machine.

Robo Soccer

Let’s play soccer with technology!

Robo War

May the best bot win.

Robo Sumo

Ab dangal hoga!

Bridge It

Survival of the toughest.

Circuit Designing

Create a new circuit.

Aptitude Test

Put your geek to test!

LAN Gaming

Gamers' Paradise.


Wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure.

My Innovation

Innovate, Create, Change!


For the coding monsters!!!

Technical Model

Model your imagination!!!

Youth Parliament

Understanding our parliament better.

Cultural Event

Come and have fun with us!!! Let's celebrate this festival of frolic and joy together.


Taal se taal mila!!!


Walk with me.

Singing Stars

Sing Along!!!

War of Bands

Play Hard or Go Home.

Critic's Corner

And its a wrap!

Talent Hunt

An eclectic collection of events to prove your talent!!!

Fun Fiesta

A potpourri of light hearted events where you can just enjoy yourself!!!

Paint Ball

Kill them with color!!!

Water Strike

We are ready with guns loaded...Are you?

Sumo Dangal

A battle of strength and intellect fused with fun.

Takeshi's Castle

A chance to enjoy the favorite show from your childhood!

Treasure Hunt

Find it first and the treasure is yours!

Face Off

Challenge your rival in the language of your talent.

Clash Of Clans

The battle is about to begin...

Slow Bike Race

Turtle wins the race in this story too!!!

Mini Militia

Come, play with us!


Don't let your ball fall!

Snakes & Ladders

The classic game of snakes & ladders with a twist!

Management Event

A platform to showcase your management skills, wit and intelligence.

Management Quiz

Let’s check your management aptitude.

Management Games

A fun way to explore your managerial talent.

Sale ka Khel

Bech De!!!


All work no play makes an event soppy!

Gully Cricket

'Cause cricket is cricket.


Keep Calm and Smash Hard.

Arm Wrestling

Show your muscle power.



Tug of War

Zor laga ke haisha!


Keep Calm and Play Snooker!


Carrom ramvanu, juice peevanu, majjani life...

Table Tennis

The player who serves well seldom loses.




The beautiful thing about learning is that nobody can take it away from you.


Capturing life as it happens.

Rubik's Cube

Get solution of this classic conundrum!


Fun with circuits!

iPhone App Development

Get aquainted with iPhone App Development .

Image Post Processing

Learn the basics of Photoshop.

SAMVID 2017 coming this March.
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Robo Race

Come and win the race to be the first of second and third.